Spiralizing – Step by Step


How to Spiralize a Zucchini

Place your spiralizer on a suctionable countertop service. Push down to suction the cups onto the surface and secure the machine for spiralizing. Place your desired blade into the top slot.

Prepare your vegetable for spiralizing. You can first peel it, if the recipe calls for it. If not, proceed with the vegetable with skin. Cut the ends off the vegetable. Then, cut it in half.

spiralizing 1

spiralizing 2

Place the center of any side of the vegetable onto the cylindrical part of the blade. Push in to secure.

spiralizing 3

spiralizing 4

Push the teeth of the spiralizer into the other side of the vegetable, securing the vegetable in the machine.

spiralizing 5

Turn the handle with the teeth clockwise, while using the other handle for leverage. The vegetable noodles will come out the other side of the blade – you might want to put a bowl underneath that side of that spiralizer to catch your noodles.

spiralizing 6

Yes! You’ve spiralized a vegetable. Now, here’s your guide to which blades make which noodle shapes.

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